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  • I've been feeling so-so the past two days; tired and a bit down. I might be incubating something, or it could be part of a natural cycle.
  • I'm oncall this week too, which doesn't help :)
  • I probably won't be able to dedicate as much time to the Agora as I would like this week; which has been the case as of late. It's a bit frustrating at times, knowing that there is so much I would like to do, and then not finding the time to do it. But it will also pass.
  • When I do come back, [[agora bridge api]] is a priority. I'll try to at least set up the new virtual hosts and reverse proxying to the node api.
  • [[agora-discuss]]
  • two different blockchains same software two different currencies, the network is the currency not the software. trust links.... money is trust?
  • [[SuperCoop]]
  • per person credit system. [[ripple]] [[circles coop]]
    • I think this is the future of currency
  • [[xDai]] looks like promising chain
→ node [[2021-09-13]]


  • [[bolo bolo]]
  • worked half a day today because of good old weird [[knabenschiessen]]: the second weirdest holiday in ZRH.
  • a [[privileged container]] process in [[firefox]] was taking up almost 10g of RAM, brought me into OOM killer territory. what was that about?
  • ran into [[jpreston]] in [[hn]]
    • [[searx]]
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  • The browser extension for [[KeePassXC]] is super handy. It works pretty smoothly. I was missing browser integration a bit from 1password.